The Best Dressed Chicken USA Opens Best Single Line Plant in the USA

When we acquired our processing plant in Ward, SC in September 2019, we were producing approximately 150,000 chickens weekly. Within a few years, we saw rapid growth and demand for processed chicken, which drove us to invest in new machinery and expand our facility. We are proud to share that in February 2023, we successfully opened and began operating what is being described as the best single line plant in the USA. Our plant is now producing over 600,000 chickens weekly. With capacity to continue growing, we are in a good position to take advantage of opportunities that will come. As a vertically integrated operation, our dedicated farmers, feed mill team and breeder team have worked diligently to help us achieve our objective of being a national brand and to build a facility that is needed to do this. We will continue to strive to be the lead brand that our valued customers desire in their stores, as well as the preferred brand of choice for consumers.

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