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Is The Best Dressed Chicken an American Company?

At The Best Dressed Chicken, our commitment to quality and sourcing locally allows us to bring you the best poultry products from our operations in South Carolina, USA.

Where do your chickens come from?

We have a fully integrated operation, where we own and oversee the entire life cycle of our chickens. In collaboration with contracted local farmers who grow our chickens, we deliver the highest quality poultry.

Do you support local farmers?

Absolutely. In fact, our partnership with local farmers plays a vital role in the success of our operations

What does Where Food Comes From Process Verified mean?

We prioritize transparency and quality assurance at The Best Dressed Chicken. That is why we partner with Where Food Comes From, a 3rd Party Auditing and Certification firm. They conduct annual Process Verified audits of our entire process, including our Feed Mill, Hatchery, Grow Out Operations, and Processing Plant, to verify that we meet the criteria for being considered “No Antibiotics Ever.”

What does Inspected for Wholesomeness mean?

This means that all meat sold commercially must undergo inspection and be approved to ensure it is safe, wholesome, and properly labeled, as required by The Federal Meat Inspection Act (FMIA).

What is a Certified SC Product?

Certified SC products include agricultural and food goods that are manufactured or processed in the state of South Carolina.

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What do you mean by “No Antibiotics Ever”?

“No Antibiotics Ever” verifies that chicken produced by The Best Dressed Chicken has never been administered antibiotics in feed, water, vaccines, or other treatments.

What are the benefits of ‘No Antibiotics Ever?’

Antibiotics are essential for maintaining human health. Our promise of never administering antibiotics to our chickens (“No Antibiotics Ever”) allows us to actively contribute to preventing human antibiotic resistance.

What is the diet of your chickens like?

The diet of our chickens is a wholesome blend of corn and soy.

How are your chickens fed?

We prioritize the natural feeding movements and patterns of our chickens by implementing a feeding system that enables them to feed in a way that aligns with their natural instincts.

Do your chickens get fresh air?

Our chickens are raised in houses equipped with automatic controls that allow for the ventilation of fresh air.

What is it like inside the chicken house (chicken’s quality of life)?

Our chicken houses are designed to cater to the animal’s quality of life. The atmosphere-controlled houses are always equipped with adequate feed, water, and space to ensure that chickens can eat, drink, rest, and roam freely.

Do you use local farmers to supply chickens?

Our business thrives on strong relationships with our contracted local farmers, who play a vital role in raising our chickens. We deeply value these partnerships and recognize that they are an integral part of our success.

What chilling process do you use?

To ensure optimal freshness and quality, our chickens are chilled using an advanced automated water chill system.

How is your chicken transported? 

Our finished product is transported in refrigerated trailers, set at optimal temperatures to maintain shelf life.

Do you have ready-to-eat chicken?

No. The chicken that we produce is Ready-to-Cook to be enjoyed at your convenience.